GCISD Learning Institute 2019 has ended
LEAD 2.0 Goal 1: Actively identify and remove barriers that limit access to and opportunity for learning
LEAD 2.0 Goal 2: Design learning environments that support social and emotional well-being
LEAD 2.0 Goal 3: Create a culture that fosters learning environments that reflect student voice and promote student engagement
LEAD 2.0 Goal 4: Effectively communicate with targeted audiences


Required sessions and session for GT credit will have sign in sheets.

Nursing mothers’ rooms are located in the nurse’s office in A hall.  
Rooms A133, A134, or A108 are designated for nursing mothers.  
Room A127 is the nursing clinic in case of emergencies.

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Monday, September 23

Auditorium E104

Band Hall F149

Choir Room F130

Go Center

Gym 1

Gym 2

Learning Commons B112

Lecture Hall C125

Room A101

Room A106

Room A140

Room A201

Room A204

Room A205

Room A206

Room A207

Room A208

Room A209

Room A210

Room A213

Room A214

Room A217

Room A218

Room A301

Room A305

Room A308

Room A309

Room A312

Room A313

Room A315

Room A316

Room A317

Room A318

Room A319

Room A320

Room B101

Room B102

Room B104

Room B108

Room B109

Room B127

Room B137

Room B138

Room B139

Room B201

Room B202

Room B204

Room B205

Room B206

Room B207

Room B208

Room B209

Room B210

Room B211

Room B216

Room B217

Room B218

Room B219

Room B220

Room B301

Room B302

Room B304

Room B305

Room B308

Room B309

Room B311

Room B315

Room B316

Room B319

Room B320

Room C124

Room C201

Room C202

Room C203

Room C204

Room C301

Room C303

Room F107

Room F134

Room K103

Room K105

Room K106

Room K109

Room K201

Room K204

Room K302

Room K305

Room L106

Room L109

Room L110

Room L112

Room L113

Room L205

Room L209

Room L211

Room L305

Room L309

Room L312

Theater Room E148

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