GCISD Learning Institute 2019 has ended
LEAD 2.0 Goal 1: Actively identify and remove barriers that limit access to and opportunity for learning
LEAD 2.0 Goal 2: Design learning environments that support social and emotional well-being
LEAD 2.0 Goal 3: Create a culture that fosters learning environments that reflect student voice and promote student engagement
LEAD 2.0 Goal 4: Effectively communicate with targeted audiences


Required sessions and session for GT credit will have sign in sheets.

Nursing mothers’ rooms are located in the nurse’s office in A hall.  
Rooms A133, A134, or A108 are designated for nursing mothers.  
Room A127 is the nursing clinic in case of emergencies.

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James Whitfield

North Richland Hills, TX
I do what I do today largely because of the amazing educators who impacted my life when I was a down-and-out kid with little hope. It is my desire to fuel this noble profession with hope, joy, and enthusiasm. I love discussing issues of equity, race, diversity,, culture & climate, and creating dynamic, engaging learning environments. I look forward to the opportunity to visit with you.